Safety Tips and Police FAQs

The Police Department speaks to groups upon request concerning identity theft and personal safety.  If you would like to schedule or have questions/concerns, please contact our office at 1 (800) 794-5733.

 Am I allowed to park in the Amtrak parking lot?

Free parking is available at the train station. Police do watch the Amtrak lot.

 Can I get my child fingerprinted?

The Staples Police Department offers child fingerprinting for preschool through elementary age children.  Children should be fingerprinted to provide a method to identify a missing child.  Please call to make an appointment. 


 Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

There are many scams going on every day; by US Mail, the internet, telephone and other means.
  • Never give out your personal information including your full name, identification such as social security number, drivers license number and bank account information.
  • Each day in the USA at least 200,000 letters are sent to people with scams, usually telling people they won something and to collect it they need to send a processing fee, this is never the case, if you win a prize you do not have to pay a fee or cash a check for someone.
  • Most of these scams come from other countries and there is nothing that can be done if you fall for these scams because we can not prosecute people in other countries.
  • If you are on the internet you may get emails that look original but are not, they may want you to confirm account information saying if you do not your account will be closed, this is a scam, reputable companies will not do this.
  • Never give out your credit card information unless you have contacted the web site like a JCPenney, or Best Buy, Target or some well known company. 
  • Do not use your mailbox for outgoing mail.  Mail is being stolen in our area and across the state.  What happens next, crooks are looking for checks and credit card information.  You mail a bill containing a check, the check is stolen, some of the ink is washed off with a chemical, leaving your original signature, but the check is rewritten for hundreds of dollars.  In other cases a new check is developed using a computer and your account information, then draining your checking account.  Credit card information is used to charge items and use ATMs.  This type of crime causes you a lot of trouble. You lose your money and creditors continue to try to collect from you for months or years.  
If you see any suspicious activity on your accounts, contact law enforcement and your bank to report it.  If you question something you have received in the mail or as an email, please contact us. 

 What should I do if I received a bad check?

The City along with other agencies in Todd & Wadena Counties contract with Financial Crimes Services to investigate and collect on bad checks.  This service is free to the City and free to the public, FCS takes the $30 bad check fee to process the checks.  You may pick up forms at the Police Dept or you can call FCS at 800-880-5420 or visit FCS on the web at www.FINANCIALCRIMES.NET.   Thank you.

 What should I do if I suspect drug use or sales?

Narcotics are a problem in all areas of the State.  If you suspect narcotics are being used or sold in your area contact law enforcement.  It is helpful to document license plate of vehicles, names of people if known, along with a log listing the dates and times that it is happening this is very helpful.  If you feel there is a drug transaction or narcotics are being used at that time please contact us right away.  Officers may be able to find evidence at the time to obtain a search warrant or stop and search a person or vehicle.  Be patient it can take some time to build up enough evidence to get search warrants or make arrests.  Law Enforcement can not do it alone, we need your help.  Please call us for advise if you believe a relative or friend is using drugs.

 Why should I keep my house or car locked?

One of the most common crimes in our area is theft.  Criminals look for an easy mark. A criminal will look for the unlocked car and then steal money, stereos and anything of value from it. 
Your home: Lock your doors when you are gone.  Criminals will go door to door knocking to see if anyone is home. If you answer the door they usually ask for a fictitious person. If no one answers, they see if the doors are unlocked, then enter your home and steal what they want.  Unlocked garages and storage sheds are usual targets as well.
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