Park and Recreation Board


Purpose and Function:

  1. Recommend the implementation and modification of rules, regulations, policies, and ordinances governing the use of city-owned recreational facilities and enhance and beautify the urban forest and landscape.
  2. Recommend the implementation and modification of rules, regulations, and policies governing Parks and Open Space, and the Community Center, its programming, and amenities.
  3. Plan, develop and implement comprehensive parks and trails plans.
  4. Provide services, programming, and value of our natural resources to enhance the quality of life by collaborating with area local governments, organizations, service groups, and citizens.
  5. Recommend policies for the review and approval of capital projects where trees or other vegetation will be planted or removed on city property.
  6. Promote appreciation of trees and the urban forest through annual Arbor Day observances and ceremonial plantings.


Meetings: The Park and Recreation Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:15 pm at the Community Center 


Park and Recreation Board Members:

  • John Gorton
  • Beth Gedde
  • Roy Miles (Council Representative)
  • Mary Jo Goff (Council Representative)
  • John Jewison (Council Representative)
  • Lisa Toepper
  • Megan Haber
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